Wednesday, February 5, 2020

HG Wells, From the war of the worlds (1898) and All you zombies Essay

HG Wells, From the war of the worlds (1898) and All you zombies - Essay Example On the other hand, All you Zombies seems to revolve around the idea of time. Both the two stories are written in a rather journalistic style. As for the case of The war of the Worlds, the almost factual description of the invasion of the aliens helps to provide some logic to the story. Both the two stories have adopted the first person narration style with the narrators giving a firsthand account of most of the proceedings, a style that further enhances the provision of a fairly wide perspective of the unfolding of events. In the War of the worlds, the aliens first appear in the country in the form of space-going simulated cylinders which when opened they seemed to emit some octopus-like creatures which would also pull in some human beings (Wells, 1988). This leads to the commencement of a war between the army and the Martian’s three legged fighting machines referred to as the tripods that used a combination of a ray of heat and certain chemical components. However, the aliens prove to be more powerful than the army whom they defeat with ease before proceeding to attack the communities surrounding they crater where the cylinders first landed. Being a follower of a Darwinian supporter, Wells seems to display some element of support for the theory’s assumption of the existence of some natural forces of selection in the evolution of organisms. The illustration of the battle that ensues between the army and the aliens from mars can be pointed as a struggle that is almost similar to the theory of natural selection. The fittest in this context are the Martian aliens who are able to outdo the human race due to their development of far more superior intelligence exhibited by their ability to produce highly developed weapons than those of mankind. On the same note, the invasion by the aliens in the war of the worlds seems to explain the ever continuing process of evolution. The narrator depicts the Martian aliens as possessing rather overdeveloped brains c omplemented by a reduced ability to make use of their emotions. In the human context, this therefore implies that in just the same case, the human brain may develop to the extent that it surpasses the rate of overall body development. Thus, mankind will remain to be more of a thinking man rather than an action based creature that would therefore rely on other mechanical devices just as the Martian three legged creature. In All you Zombies, time travel paradoxes seem to be a persistent technique in the plot of the story. In such techniques, more often characters within the story can meet themselves in time or inadvertently change the course of history in such a manner that their trip back to their original time is almost impossible. The story takes place in an unspecified future where space travel is a fact of life and attitudes toward sex and prostitution are very different from what they are today. In the story, the central character is a member of a certain group of time policemen disguising himself as a bartender with the aim of gaining the services of a sob story writer. The customer incidentally reveals the story of his life to the bartender explaining that he was born a girl before later getting pregnant and while giving birth, the doctor asserts her that she was a hermaphrodite. Since there were some complications while giving birth, she had to be removed her female organs which therefore made her

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