Saturday, February 22, 2020

Facilities Management - Good Business Turns Risk into Opportunity Case Study

Facilities Management - Good Business Turns Risk into Opportunity - Case Study Example The competition in the market place is such that ill-conceived facilities can render any business a non-starter. In particular, waste management of Fitness First Gym Center, if not properly exercised, could spell trouble for the gym if not quickly set right. The waste management in Fitness First Gym Center includes internal and external factors. The internal factors have bearing on the management of space, exercise equipment, number of trainees and their instructors and the management of time that goes along with the utility of space and equipment. The external factors are those that influence the output of the gym without which it cannot provide integral services like the panel of consultant doctors and contract services for the maintenance of the equipment (Facilities Management Introduction).   Combining the internal and external sources, the gym must actualize its space usage with the strength of its members. Vigilant management will ensure that members using their premises and equipment do so regularly, keep tabs on non-regular members for follow up, and reduce the impact of non-regulars on their space and equipment. It is difficult to bring waste management to zero. It can tolerate waste management of say, five percent. Occasionally, it can even take waste management of ten percent. Anything more than ten percent must be swiftly dealt with a policy of encouragement for better attendance. Ultimately, the system must aim for zero waste management. Waste management for the gym is extremely precarious and must be framed with enough sensitivity to allow members to understand the gym’s stand.  Ã‚  

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