Thursday, November 21, 2019

Role of market manager Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Role of market manager - Essay Example Economists assume that customers always act to make themselves as well off as possible. This is a belief that is in line with the economic model of consumer behavior which postulates that, customers will always choose to try and buy a combination of services and goods that they believe will serve to make them as well off as possible, from among all the available combinations that their budgets allows them to buy. To this end, it is possible to analyze Monster Energy so as to determine its impact on the four utilities of customer value. Functionality: The functionality utility basically includes all the various tangible aspects of a service or product (Dutta, 2011). These include durability, aesthetics, atmosphere of the place and comfort. Monster Energy’s healthy formulation provides great functionality to consumers as it allows them to fight both physical and mental fatigue. Time: The time utilities entails the availing of services and products to consumers at the time that these consumers require them (Dutta, 2011). Monster Energy has laid in place a good supply network that ensure that the product is easily made available to its consumers around the world when they want it. Consumers can be able to easily purchase the product at local convenience stores. Monster energy is also made easily available at the various extreme sports events that it sponsors from motor cross to surfing. Place: According to Dutta, (2011), the place utility generally includes where and how the given products and services are eventually delivered. In addition to being made available at convenience stores and supermarkets across the world, monster energy drinks is also widely sold at various sporting events. Ease of Possession: The possession utility basically includes the customer’s payments and warranties. This assurance is seen to greatly add value

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